Depeche Mode - Memento Mori

memento mori

depeche mode


Kiadó: MUTE
Megjelenés dátuma: 2023-03-24
UPC: 0196587842024
Termékazonosító: 8D6595

További formátumok
Vinyl LP13 690,-
5 890,-


1. My Cosmos Is Mine
2. Wagging Tongue
3. Ghosts Again
4. Don’t Say You Love Me
5. My Favourite Stranger
6. Soul With Me
7. Caroline's Monkey
8. Before We Drow
9. People Are Good
10. Always You
11. Never Let Me Go
12. Speak To Me



Az akciós ár
március 26-ig

Eredeti ár: 6590 Ft

3-panel Tri-fold Digipak

Memento Mori is Depeche Mode's 15th
studio album and the first in the lineup
of Dave Gahan and Martin Gore, following
the tragic death of co-founder
Andrew "Fletch" Fletcher in 2022.

Memento Mori was produced by James Ford,
with additional production by Marta Salogni .

The album was created during the early stages
of the Covid pandemic, resulting in themes
directly inspired by that period.

The album's 12 tracks chart a wide variety
of moods and textures from the ominous opening
to the closing denouement, running the gamut
from paranoia and obsession to catharsis and joy,
and countless points in between.
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