beneath the remains (expanded edition)



Kiadó: RHINO
Lemezek száma: 2
Megjelenés dátuma: 2020-04-17
UPC: 0603497849833
Termékazonosító: Y85054

További formátumok
Vinyl LP6 990,-
7 490,-



CD 1 (original Album)

1) Beneath The Remains (2019 Remaster)
2) Inner Self (2019 Remaster)
3) Stronger Than Hate (2019 Remaster)
4) Mass Hypnosis (2019 Remaster)
5) Sarcastic Existence (2019 Remaster)
6) Slaves Of Pain (2019 Remaster)
7) Lobotomy (2019 Remaster)
8) Hungry (2019 Remaster)
9) Primitive Future (2019 Remaster)
2004 Bonus Tracks
10) A Hora E A Vez Do Cabelo Nascer (2019 Remaster)
11) Inner Self (drum Tracks) [2019 Remaster]
12) Mass Hypnosis (drum Tracks) [2019 Remaster]
The Rio/nas Nuvens Recordings, Before The Florida Sessions / Mixdown
13) Slaves Of Pain (mixdown) [instrumental]
14) Inner Self (mixdown) [instrumental]
15) Hungry (mixdown) [instrumental]
16) Stronger Than Hate (mixdown) [instrumental]
17) Sarcastic Existence (mixdown) [instrumental]

CD 2 (bonus Tracks)

The Rio/nas Nuvens Recordings,
Before The Florida Sessions / Mixdown (continued)

18) Lobotomy (mixdown)
19) Mass Hypnosis (mixdown)
20) Primitive Future (mixdown)
21) Beneath The Remains (mixdown)
Live At Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren, West Germany 22nd September 1989
22) Primitive Future (live)
23) Inner Self (live)
24) Escape To The Void (live)
25) Sarcastic Existence (live)
26) Slaves Of Pain (live)
27) Mass Hypnosis (live)
28) Troops Of Doom (live)
29) Holiday In Cambodia (live)
30) Beneath The Remains (live)
31) Symptom Of The Universe (live)


Remastered & Expanded Edition

'Beneath The Remains' is considered as
the greatest album from the influential
Brazilian metal group. One of the first
heavy metal exports from the South
American country, Sepultura featured
the brothers Max and Igor Cavalera,
who are still making boundary-pushing
music today and supporting loads of up
and coming new talents.

One of the heaviest albums at the time
of 1989, the group took influence from
the death metal genre to shape this
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