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Time and Tide
The Change
In the Pens
Sheep Dogs
The Escape From the Incinerator
Frog Catching
Rowf's Kill
Lack Loud's Death
Inside the Laboratory
The Beginning of the End
Chase Music
Rowf and Snitter Run To the Sea
Time and Tide
Main Title
Dig Harder or Die
Grandfather S Sacrifice
A World Above?
Behold the Great God
Orin Digs Up / Orin Reaches the Surface / Orin Explores
Greedy Swamp Scum
Welcome Aboard
Zygon S Command
Sky Chase
Hard Times
Back To the Palace
Meet Aviana
Orin S Regret
Orin Makes an Entrance
Orin and Dagg Sneak Around
Prepare To Launch
Attack Force Deploys / Dagg Has a Plan
Attack Force Deploys / Dagg Has a Plan
Love Theme From Starchaser
Dagg Gives In
A Date With Destiny
There is No Blade
The End of Mineworld / We Are Free
Orin S Victory
Reunited / Orin Heals Digger
The Choice is Yours / Finale
End Credits
Prologue / Timmy and Martin
My Life and My Love
Come, Make the Most of Your Life
Timmy Says Goodbye / Soaring With Jeremy
Teaching Timmy / the Snake / the Wisdom of Mr. Ages
I Will Show the World
Timmy Meets Jenny / Killer, the Attack Dog / Jenny's Story / Muriel and Floyd
Jenny's Plan / the Escape / Flight To Nimh / the Hawk Attacks
Meeting Cecil / Search For the Great Owl
Magic Mystery Show
Angry Animals / Another Escape / the Evil Martin
Just Say Yes
Taken Prisoner
All I Had is Gone
Breakout / Muriel and Floyd Get the Shaft / Trapped By Martin
Escape From Nimh
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