ZAPPA, FRANK & THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION - Live At the Whisky a Go Go 1968

ZAPPA, FRANK & THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION - Live At the Whisky a Go Go 1968

live at the whisky a go go 1968

zappa, frank & the mothers of invention


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Megjelenés dátuma: 2024-06-21
UPC: 0602458671568
Termékazonosító: 9E7080

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Vinyl LP18 390,-
9 890,-


Disc: 1

1 Whisky Improvisation: Episode I
2 America Drinks & Goes Home
3 Help, I’m A Rock / Transylvania Boogie
4 My Boyfriend’s Back
5 Bust His Head
6 Tiny Sick Tears Jam
7 “The Purpose Of This Evening…”
8 Whisky Improvisation: Episode II
9 Status Back Baby
10 Memories Of El Monte
11 Oh, In The Sky
12 Valerie

Disc: 2

1 “Fun & Merriment”
2 Hungry Freaks, Daddy
3 King Kong - Part 1
4 King Kong - Part 2
5 Octandre
6 Whisky Improvisation: Episode III
7 Meow
8 God Bless America
9 Presentation Of Wings
10 Plastic People
11 Della’s Preamble
12 The Duke - Take 1
13 The Duke - Take 2
14 Khaki Sack

Disc: 3

1 The Whip
2 Whisky Chouflée
3 Brown Shoes Don’t Make It

Disc: 4

1 Brown Shoes Shuffle
2 The Whip (FZ Mix)
3 Hungry Freaks, Daddy (FZ Mono Mix)



Az akciós ár
július 23-ig

Eredeti ár: 11290 Ft

On July 23, 1968, Frank Zappa & 
The Mothers of Invention took over the 
Whisky a Go Go for an all-night affair, 
FZ recorded the entire evening with the 
possibility of an album project. 

Although bits were released by Zappa 
over the years, a full live album never 
happened & the tapes sat in the Vault 
for 55 years, Now all three sets by 
The Mothers are being released with 
brand new mixes in a 3-CD edition with
liners by Joe Travers, Pamela Des Barres, 
& an interview by Ahmet Zappa with Alice Cooper.
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